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So, it’s Sunday, and you’re considering checking out Saluda River Baptist Church.  We think you may have some questions, and we would like to try to anticipate them to see if we can make your first experience with us the best it can be!

What Time Do Sunday School and Worship Begin?

On Sunday morning’s we begin with age-graded Bible study small groups at 9:15 am.  We have couple's groups, and some groups for men and others for women.  All of the children’s classes are based on ages.  Then, at 10:30 am our worship service begins.  We have one worship service on Sunday mornings, and no service on Sunday evenings.  We like for folks to have that time for family time.  We do have mid-week prayer services on Wednesday at 11:00am and 6:15 pm.

How Do Most People Dress?

It depends on your taste.  Some of our older men wear suits, but some dress casually.  Some of our older ladies wear dresses, but not all do.  Our younger members tend to dress more casually.  So, it depends mostly on what you are comfortable with.

I'm Uncertain What to Expect When I Arrive?

If you come for our Bible study groups at 9:15 am, you will see several men standing in front greeting people as they enter.  Please park in one of our “Guest” parking spots near the front entrance.  One of these greeters will help you find your way to a class for yourself and for your children.  If you come for our worship service at 10:30 am, find one of our “Guest” parking spots and come in the front glass doors of the sanctuary, where greeters will meet you, provide you with a bulletin and a guest packet, and help you find a good seat.

What Is the Worship Service Like?

Our worship service is mostly traditional.  We use hymns, but we also enjoy many of the newer praise songs.  The music is organ and piano.  We begin just prior to the worship service with announcements, and then we ask folks to greet one another.  During that time, we invite anyone who wishes to do so to come to the altar at the front, and the pastor leads in a pastoral prayer.  Then we begin with a musical call to worship followed by a hymn.  Our youth minister shares briefly what the children will be talking about in Children’s Church and then invites all the children to go with him to that event for the remainder of the time.  The choir’s special music comes next, then the offertory hymn and the offering.  The pastor then presents the morning sermon followed by a hymn of commitment, and then the benediction.  Our service goes for about 60-70 minutes usually.

What Will Things Be Like for My Children?

We believe children are treasures, and we work hard at ministering to them and their parents.  We have age-graded Bible study classes for them, and the classes have at least two teachers per class.  We have a Children’s Church which begins about a third of the way through our adult worship service for children ages kindergarten through 3rd grade.  We have a nursery for infants and toddlers.

What If I Have Other Questions Not Answered Here?

Call our Church Office, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday.  The phone system will allow you to leave a message for any of our Staff as well, who can return your call if they are not available when you call.

The phone number is: (803) 796-5583.

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